The Italo House: Tango Soundsystem, Mauro Lorenzo & more

The Italo House: Tango Soundsystem, Mauro Lorenzo & more

Something new, something different. To celebrate the upcoming spring and summer, The Black House will, for one edition, be brightly transformed into The Italo House. Expect the same intimate underground vibe but with the combination of contagious Italo and swinging Electro.

Line up:
▪️ Tango Soundsystem
▪️ Mauro Lorenzo
▪️ deejay Michael
▪️ Floyd Hoogendijk

▪️ 1 = €5 + administration fee (€1,30)
▪️ 4 = €16 + administration fee (€6,50)

Artist info:
▪️ Tango Soundsystem; a duo formed after they met as barmen in Café Tango with a common passion for vinyl, italo and electronic music. Having played among Ohm Festival, BAR, Operator and Discotuin they’ve grown populair in and around Delft and are buzzing to spread contagious tunes!

▪️ Mauro Lorenzo; young dj and entrepreneur who owns The Black House and co-owns Delft Underground Movement and Techmate. Besides being affiliated with many more events, he recently played at PIP and Het Magazijn and is seen regularly at Koornbeurs. Disco and (Tech)House are his main genres but Mauro grew up between walls of vinyl and a father who loved Italo music more than any other genre. He used to say Italo is his guilty pleasure, but nowadays he is proud to say he freaking loves it!

▪️ deejay Michael; the father who gave all his three sons Italian names and has been dj-ing since he was a youngster. “My friends all bought a Tomos, I bought vinyl!” He has played for legendary Italo events like Le Mouton (Rijswijk), Santoria Social Club (Milano), i Venti d’Azzuro (Milano) and Wollebrand (Naaldwijk) but wouldn’t miss it for world to play Italo in his home town!

▪️ Floyd Hoogendijk; after producing electro tracks and releasing on label Traum Schallplatten he’s back from his semi-retirement as dj. Some years ago he played at Solar Festival, for Discoflamingo in Perron and a few editions for Nachtdijk in Maassilo. He’s looking forward to closing the night with some banging electro!