In addition to the board, committees and working groups, the Koornbeurs also has diagonals. A diagonal is a group of students who come together for discussion and socializing, also as a subsection of a student association. Diagonals are, in short, groups of friends within the association who regularly have a drink together and also meet outside the association.

The Koornbeurs has the following diagonals:


The diagonal 'Amantes sunt Amentes' is the most enjoyable diagonal of the Koornbeurs. Our name literally means 'Lovers are Madmen', and we aim to build a close bond between our members. We are there every Wednesday evening from nine o'clock to open the evening in the Koornbeurs, but we also organize a lot outside the association for our members. Think of a (slightly too) decadent dinner, sauna outings, or a sorority holiday. In 2019 we celebrated our first lustrum.

You can contact us at .


Diagonal Redux is the most beautiful sorority in our association. We consist of an enthusiastic group of people who want to add a little student-like affinity to association life. We can invariably be found during the Wednesday evening drink. We are also not averse to a party, trip or other epic activity.

Do you want to get in touch with us? Would you like to come and have a drink with us at The Koornbeurs with your own fraternity or sorority or do you just have a question? You can email our Ab-Actis at or take a look at 

C.V. de Votloken

C.V. the Votloken is the one and only carnival association of O.J.V. the Koornbeurs. Led by an annually changing carnival prince, they ensure that the festive mood is always in the air of the association. During the carnival season, they ensure that members can come along to the south to fully enjoy the parades, costumes, music, drinks and refreshments. But even if there is no carnival to celebrate, they will ensure that it is fun at the Koornbeurs.

Does all this festivity raise a question for you? Then send us an email at .


Gaia consists of a group of tree-hugging hippies. While not the most active group of people, they occasionally host nature-loving parties, eco-conscious getaways, and cozy movie nights. The chairman is a plant that migrates through members' homes, our signature attire is a sleeveless denim jacket and there is no other structure. Conviviality, on the other hand, is always present.


The Seksi is the only international diagonal of the Koornbeurs! We consist of 13 members and are mainly characterized by our "haha penis" humor and an "everything is possible, nothing is necessary" mentality. Furthermore, we are a diagonal that can mainly be found outside the Koornbeurs. We eat a lot together and like to play Dungeons & Dragons together!