Je bent op de webpagina voor oud-leden van de Open Jongerenvereniging de Koornbeurs en haar voorganger de Societas Studiosorum Reformatorum, afdeling Delft (SSRD).

The former members association of the O.J.V. the Koornbeurs and its predecessor, the Societas Studiosorum Reformatorum Delft department (SSRD), is an initiative of a number of SSRD reunions. They were looking for a way to get all former members of the association together once in a while. This later flourished in a good way to reunite with long-lost friends and diagonals. Over time, the company grew to the point that members of the Koornbeurs also joined the ranks.

Every year there is an old-members drink during the Saturday of the Heritage Days in the society of the association located at Voldersgracht 1 in Delft. Every former member of both SSRD and the Koornbeurs is welcome to drop by and have a drink on this day. The drinks usually start at 17:00, after which a large part of those present go to eat together in the neighborhood. Guided tours of the spaces occupied by the association are certainly possible! We love to show you what we have been up to recently with our beautiful building and what future projects we are working on.

If you have not yet received an invitation by email, but you do want one: Then we do not or no longer have your email address. In that case, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Initials
  • First and last name
  • Year of joining the association
  • Year of leaving the association

From then on you will receive our announcements directly in your mailbox!

There are also three groups for former members on social media:

Hope to see you again!

Board of O.J.V. the Koornbeurs

Board of the Foundation Maintenance the Koornbeurs

Informeel comité oud-leden O.J.V. de Koornbeurs & SSR-Delft

Contact information

Voldersgracht 1

2611 ET Delft

Mailbox 3131

Vaste lijn: 015 212 47 42

KvK: 40397066

Empirical research has shown that the association is difficult to reach on 2 January and 28 April.


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