O.J.V. the Koornbeurs is an open youth association that currently has more than 235 members, more than half of which are TU Delft related. The rest of the members consists of HBO students, graduates and other young people. The association was founded in 1912 and is located in the national monument the Koornbeurs on the Voldersgracht. The association is therefore named after this building.

Café, music stage, disco, association – the Koornbeurs is for all young people from Delft and the surrounding area. However you feel, wherever you come from or wherever you are going: everyone is welcome at this open youth association.

In addition to being an association, we are also an open brown café that is run completely voluntarily by our members. With two types of lager and various specialty beers on tap and in the fridge, there is always a drink that suits you. Of course, people are welcome here for coffee, tea or soft drinks, too.

Ruimte nodig voor een borrel? Neem contact op met .

Dear visitors,

The Koornbeurs too has been hit hard by the corona virus. Big parties such as Ondergronds, Metalcafé or other band nights cannot take place the same way as in the past in these current times. Do you also want the association to survive? Please take a look at our donors page.