Jam session

Every second Friday of the month it's time to get your instruments from the attic, dust them off and come and jam with other people from Delft in our cozy cellar!

Drum kit, microphone and amplifiers already present.


One Saturday a month it is time for really loud music. Come along to enjoy a variety of live music from great bands; from prog and modern metalcore to brutal, trash and death metal.

Everything Electronic

Every first Friday of the month we've got some nice sets from different electronic genres ready for anyone who feels like it. Grab a beer from the bar and venture onto the dance floor.


Every third month the Koornbeurs organizes an underground themed dance party with professional DJs. Previous themes include Drum 'n Bass, (Berlin) Techno, Industrial, Psytrance and 90's raveyard.


All you want during RUIS: Ambient Noise Lounge is a delicious absinthe cocktail with fresh melon and orange juice, after which you can plop down on one of the many beanbags to feel yourself slipping into the intense sounds around you.

Koornbeurs Open Air

Before you go to Herman, you should definitely visit the KOA. Every King's Day and last day of the OWee we set the stage outside, so that the whole of Delft can enjoy live performances in the warm sun.

DIXXO Herman

Dixxo Herman started a long time ago with a man who wanted to learn how to DJ, but didn't want to bother too many people with how bad he was at it. So he decided to throw parties on the days he thought no one would want to go to a party; January 1 and King's Day. Unfortunately for Herman, people turned out to be enjoying partying while hangover with mediocre music, so these parties have grown into the biggest parties at the Koornbeurs. This has even led to the fact that at a certain point it became a standard in catering contracts in Delft not to have to work on January 2 or the day after King's Day.

Contact information

Voldersgracht 1

2611 ET Delft

Mailbox 3131

Vaste lijn: 015 212 47 42

KvK: 40397066

Empirical research has shown that the association is difficult to reach on 2 January and 28 April.


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