O.J.V. the Koornbeurs has many committees, diagonals and administrative working groups. The latter are a bit different from committees from a regulatory point of view, but in practice the differences are very small. Committees of the association can be recognized by their end (“ki” or “kie”).

Unlike many other associations, you do not have to be asked to join a committee at the Koornbeurs. Instead you can just ask if you can join a few meetings and activities and try it out to see if you would like to join the committee.

Below is an overview of committees with a description of what each committee entails:


To ensure that we can continue to organize great events and that the association remains beautiful, we can of course always use sponsorship. The Acqki is the committee that deals with this. 

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The AKtivikie is an annually changing committee that simply does nothing but organize AKtivities. The name AKtivikie is therefore derived from the abbreviation AK, which stands for Activities Committee. Every year the committee chooses a new name. Old names include AKarig, AKaramba, AK-fietje, AK-limero, AK-bouter, AK-ter, AK-via and AK-narie. These are all Dutch jokes.

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The name of the committee is derived from “dies natalis” and is also known as the anniversary committee. Every year, on January 16, the Dieski organizes a Dies reception for (former) members, other associations and donors. They also often organize the gala of the association.

The FK

The FK is the financial group responsible for the finances of the association. They handle budget requests and ensure that the association remains financially healthy.

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The FOMOki is responsible for physical and online promotion. Online promotion mainly comes down to managing the Instagram page of the Koornbeurs, namely @ojvdekoornbeurs. The Facebook of the Koornbeurs is also managed by the FOMOki. They are also responsible for photography.

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The Geeki ensures that the Koornbeurs does not collapse by keeping all ICT within the association running. The members of the committee manage the website, the server and the telephony. They are also the first to call you if you forgot your password again.

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Hamer and Sponskie

Our building requires maintenance, which is what the Henskie is all about. From stucco to laying floors and painting, they take care of everything. They maintain and improve the society together with the enthusiastic members on a monthly basis.

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The Introduckie is responsible for the integration between new members ("kennismakers") and other members and is the first point of contact for kennismakers with questions. The Introduckie also organizes the freshman weekend and other activities especially for new members.

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This committee was founded in 2019 and stands for Koornbeurs Aan de Kook. They ensure that there is again a mensa (dinner) for the members. And of course they take care of the kitchen itself. You can also expect delicious dinners before the start of the Christmas and Dies drinks.

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The Kennismakers Party Committee. The kemafeki is a committee of kennismakers (first-year students) who organize a great party for the rest of Delft. It is the way to integrate with the association and discover all kinds of different aspects of the organization.

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The Newkie is responsible for organizing activities in and around the Reception Week (OWee) of the TU Delft. They are mostly active between March and August, often sacrificing their own summer vacation to coordinate one great week of activities.

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The Popkie is the committee responsible for organizing live music in the Koornbeurs. A good example of this is the KOA, Koornbeurs Open Air, which is held every year on King's Day. They manage the pages on Facebook and Instagram, maintain this website (together with the Geeki) and design and spread posters.

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The editorial committee is engaged in publishing the Fôrum, the association magazine of the Koornbeurs (and nowadays also with its own website). The Redâkkie is mainly responsible for collecting pieces, gossip, photos and everything else that can be immortalized in the Forum. They also manage the Koornbeurs photo file.

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This committee is responsible for the tearoom bar in the attic. Instead of a beer, you can get a hot cup of tea or coffee here with a nice piece of cake. In addition, they regularly organize extra activities in the attic.

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The Senaat generally consists of the somewhat older members who (in most cases) have been in the board of the association. The Senate is an advisory body and is therefore involved in the long-term planning of the Koornbeurs. They give advice to the board and other members… A lot of advice, whether you like it or not.

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The Stofki is the committee that deals with the former members of the Koornbeurs. They organize a reunion for former members once a year. The committee mainly consists of former secretaries.

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The StOK stands for "Stichting Onderhoud Koornbeurs" ("Koornbeurs Maintenance Foundation") and is actually not a committee of the Koornbeurs. The StOK is the owner of the building O.J.V. The Koornbeurs, but only consists of (former) members of the association.

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Hoogh! The highest committee of the Koornbeurs is the Tapki. The noble members of the Tapki are responsible for supporting the Head of the bar, and thus for the functioning of the bar in the Koornbeurs. During parties, the Tapki provides a responsible tapper (the so-called VT'er) who ensures that the bar and its tappers get through the evening.

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The Techkie facilitates sound and light technology within the Koornbeurs and is responsible for training members in terms of light and sound technology. Because no party or band evening is complete without decent light and sound technology.

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Contact information

Voldersgracht 1

2611 ET Delft

Mailbox 3131

Vaste lijn: 015 212 47 42

KvK: 40397066

Empirical research has shown that the association is difficult to reach on 2 January and 28 April.


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